Photo: Kisakallio Sports Center 
July 29th  - August 8th , 2018 (11 days)
Males and females; ages 16 - 21; max. 39 campers

Camp theme:
Multisports, Nature, Sauna, Lake and City. 
Enjoy the nature of the Karnaisten korpi in Lohja.

Camp activities:
Make yourself at home at Kisakallio Sports Institute training center in middle of a typical Finnish landscape. You don’t have to be athletic to apply this camp, but you need open mind to try different kind of sports you probably donīt have tried before. You get to enjoy sports, games and other activities at high quality training facilities of the sports institute, which educates athletics all over the world. And of course after sports you relax in Finnish sauna by the lake. There will be hike the wilderness of the local national park and spend an unforgettable night in tents in the forest with a campfire. Experience the rich Finnish nature with full of green and silence. You’ll also get to visit towns of Turku and Lohja. There will be also Lions-activities with local kinder garden and country presentations and Lions Day. This all and more you get to experience together with campers all over the world. Together we make memories for the rest of our life’s!
Come and see Finland from different angles: camping and cities, activity and relax, and all in between.

Camp fees: 100 €

Official language: English

Family Hosting Period Students of Europe
Before the camp July 19th - July 29th.

Family hosting
Period Students out of Europe
Before the camp July 12th – July 29th

Application deadline:
March 2018. Be ready to write the Application to your local Lions Club soon.

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